Maintenance and Support

Our customers have access to the latest versions of software solutions and the most advanced tools and technologies to continuously improve the product development process. The benefits associated with this service are:

  • Access to the most advanced software functionality without additional costs
  • Updating the software in the shortest time
  • Dedicated technical support

The support from ADA team can be provided by phone or on-site.

The support service is intuitively designed to provide instant access to problem reporting, access to frequently asked questions, tips, techniques, and error lists of software, the ability to track open issues, download and upload files, join groups Newsletters, access to quarterly technical newsletters, product certification information, and email subscription services for support bulletins and other support information.

By being included in maintenance programs and by calling the support service, your benefits are:

  • Access to the latest solutions versions to benefit from superior features to previous releases
  • Access to the most advanced tools and technologies to continually improve the product development process
  • Software updates as soon as possible
  • Onsite and phone support 12/24 hours